UONBI libraries catalogue

This catalogue has been created by converting the card catalogue into electronic format using VUBIS software. Conversion is an ongoing activity. With the exception of some materials from the Africana Collection, the majority of the records for the JKML have been converted. Some records for the Chiromo, Medical and Upper Kabete libraries remain to be converted. A record for which the book has not yet been traced will indicate temporarily not available.
Not all the books listed in the catalogue are available for loan. For example, books in the Africana Collection (AFR) and Reference (REF) may only be consulted in the library.
Via V-link user can click through to relevant links. No articles are indexed in this catalogue, please use ADB


Contains all e-journals of the UONBI libraries. Several e-journals are only accessible for authorized users. Authentication is done via username and password. Via V-link users can click through to relevant links.